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After packing up and grabbing a granola bar at the hotel, Velvet Husband and I headed to a church recommended by our dear friends from Russia who used to live in Pasadena. We enjoyed the beautiful sermon and setting. As grand as this church is, I can tell that they foster service and fellowship in the community. They made it a point to recognize and support our service men and women who protect our freedom. They have a church-affiliated program in which members write letters to service men and women suffering from mental illness to express love and encouragement.

With little time to spare between church and home-hunting appointments, we embraced our veggie cravings and returned to Green Earth Vegan Cuisine in Old Town. After yesterday’s heavy brunch at Marston’s, we wanted a veggie-full meal. Can we say creatures of habit?

This time, I knew better than to share the amazing quesadillas with Hungry Hubby. Filled with grilled eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, and vegan cheese, I can understand why Velvet Husband got a bit territorial.

This way I don’t have to worry about mysterious food disappearances. 😉 For entrees, Hubby ordered a BBQ tofu burger with sweet potato fries, and I lurved my glowing green spinach asparagus soup. The ubiquitous green monster smoothies have nothing on this chartreuse beauty.

For optimal soup enjoyment, insert stolen sweet potato fry, eat, and repeat. Vegan meal success, except that they were out of the carrot cake again. This carrot-loving bunny was not happy. It’s okay, I’ll be back.

After comparing a few homes to the current frontrunner and deciding frontrunner still holds the lead, we found Sugar Fix, a bakery in Old Town. Wouldn’t you know that carrot cake isn’t on their Sunday menu? Oh, don’t worry; I found a way to make the most of this dire carrot-cakeless situation . . .

Yes, everything turned out beautifully. Velvet Husband loved his snowy coconut cupcake, and my red velvet cupcake was lovely and moist. Better than my Dot’s experience, but it still doesn’t compare to the Southern Belle cupcake at Sugar Mama’s in Austin, my favorite cupcake shop eva.

After our cupcakes and a soy chai tea latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we caught our short flight back to San Francisco. It was nice to sleep in our own bed after a week of hotels in Costa Mesa and Pasadena. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the townhouse; thank you so much for your support!

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! I have a new oatmeal recipe for you tomorrow, sweet devoaties!

Edited to add: I’m moving to a self-hosted site today, so if you have trouble accessing any content, that’s probably why. Thank you for your patience as my blog experiences growing pains. 🙂

Tell me, what did you do over the Memorial Day weekend?


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Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful holiday weekend with family and friends! After relaxing around the hotel and scheduling home-hunting appointments, Hubby and I walked to Marston’s Restaurant for Saturday brunch. Excellent yelp reviews and a short walk from our hotel? Yes, please. With its American flag, cute awning, and cosy interior, Marston’s brings an authentic small-town vibe to Pasadena. It’s tucked away several streets from the main drag in Old Town, so we felt lucky to find such a gem. Behold, the classic California brunch spot! Now we know where to bring our Texas family and friends to brunch!

Prepare your eyes for what simultaneously occupies a Vegan’s worst nightmares and a carnivorous Texan’s wildest brunch dreams. Yep, I savored my egg white omelet with turkey cilantro sausage and spinach topped with cheddar cheese and avocado. Maybe I score points by holding the sour cream? Regardless, it was delicious, colorful, and quite filling, so I wasn’t able to finish. I would have liked more veggies and less meat and cheese, but that’s just me (and most healthy living bloggers, methinks! We’re a rare and beautiful breed!).

After napping off my cheese headache at the hotel (oops), we checked out an apartment/townhouse that might be the one! I don’t want to jinx us, so I’m not posting pictures of the house just yet. Here’s the gorgeous tree just outside of what might be our bedroom window. To be honest, this post is a little short because this place is on my mind — and I don’t feel comfortable talking about it too much just yet. So, a few pictures of our day’s activities will have to suffice!

Told you! No pictures of [our] townhouse yet. Rather, I’ll distract you with pictures of colorfully cluttered places . . . like Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, where we ate dinner. (I’m so strategic.) Everyone was super friendly — note the guy behind Hubby in the background! My blackened fish, rice, and beans was a [relatively] healthy choice. Still, I can’t help but notice a lack of greens. Oh, you have to order a salad for that? My bad. 😉 It was filling.

So filling, in fact, that although we planned on grabbing cupcakes for dessert, but our full tummies had other plans. We knew we could eat cupcakes, but we also knew we wouldn’t enjoy them since we were satisfied with dinner. Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial, right? Of course my sweet tooth kicked in later, so I indulged with dark chocolate. Our hotel scores major points with me for its free dark chocolate mint squares in bowls throughout the lobby. Oh, don’t mind me! Just sneaking my fifth chocolate square! Yes, I’ve become well-acquainted with the lobby-folk. 😉

Today we attend a church service in Pasadena, check out a few more properties, put in an application for the front-runner, and fly back to San Francisco this evening. I am so ready to sleep in our bed! Love to all of you!

Have you ever had trouble deciding on which apartment/house/townhouse to rent/buy? (*Raises hand*)

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