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Last night I met two girlfriends for dinner in San Francisco’s Financial District. We chose B44, a Spanish restaurant located at Belden Place, an alley lined with American, French, Italian, and Spanish restaurants. The concept of Belden is to recreate a European street atmosphere with a plethora of cuisine options. Please excuse the fuzzy phone picture — it was raining and freezing (typical San Francisco summer day!), so I snapped a quick one for you. If the bustling patios don’t give away the loveliness of summer in San Francisco, I don’t know what will. Please re-read if my sopping sarcasm du San Francisco was lost in translation.

No thanks to my cabbie whose mission it was to hydroplane our way through the hills, I arrived with time to spare. Upon early arrival, I snuggled up to the bar and ordered something special. It could be a long wait, no?

Oh, things got serious when the girls showed up. We shared tapas and laughed so much the bartender laughed at us. Oh yes. Very serious. Our tapas, however, were in fact, seriously delicious.

As cutesy as tapas are, however, I must say that they tend to leave me a wee bit unsatisfied. Perhaps this is just my repressed inner two-year old talking, but I want my own plate. Pretty please. Watch out, this sweet girl went to Columbia and Cambridge. Don’t mess. 

Once we I made peace with sharing, we were all smiles. This is my dear friend who suffered made it through the California bar exam with me, so we’ve seen each other through some not-so-fun times. Sweet girl, if you’re reading, I feel blessed to call you my friend! 

It was a fabulous dinner with the girls. Truth be told, however, I may have snacked on a few kale chips, chicken breast, and lavash upon returning home. 😉

How often do you do dinner with just the girls?


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