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Hi, friends! Velvet Husband and I are about to head to Lake Tahoe for his birthday weekend, so I better keep this short! And before I address zee controversy, let’s cover yesterday’s meal picks, shall we?

Breakfast was a bowl of oats with unsweetened cocoa powder, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, and of course a scoop of crunchy peanut butter. Berry good.

Kale, berries, half a banana, chocolate whey protein powder, glutamine, and two dollops of peanut butter made two delicious lunchtime smoothie bowls. Lucky for my taste buds, the chocolate whey powder and berries disguised the kale taste. The crunchy peanut butter ‘egg’ didn’t hurt either. Look, quick sand! Tasty quick sand.

And just because it’s cute, check out my mug of Get Gorgeous tea from yesterday. This was part of my Valentine’s Day present to Velvet Husband. Subtle message, huh? I snacked on a peanut butter Larabar before heading to Bikram for an 8:15 pm class — late, eek! I prefer morning workouts, but sometimes they just don’t happen. I’ve learned not to force it or be hard on myself if I miss a scheduled workout. There’s always tomorrow, and activities like yoga and strength training should be energy-producing, not energy-sapping. Velvet Husband has taught me so much about a wonderful little thing called flexibility! Have you become more flexible with yourself over time? Has someone in your life helped this process?

After Bikram, I made use of that pretty little pepper + hummus for a late dinner. Just as yummy as it was the one I had a few days ago. You can find my recipe for Snazzy Stuffed Bell Peppers here. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Now, for zee controversy. After dinner last night, I read a disturbing article that painted the healthy living blogger community in an unflattering light. I found this tabloid-style article inaccurate and painfully one-sided. If anything, reading healthy living blogs and recently starting my own have helped me express myself, live a more balanced lifestyle, and exchange recipes as well as encouragement with people who inspire me. Blogging about my day and the food I eat allows me to appreciate my blessings, and it encourages me to try new things in the kitchen and with my camera. I may not continue to take pictures of everything I eat, but for now, it’s fun to experiment with my camera settings and document my life one bite at a time. Most of you have probably read the Marie Claire article I’m referring to, but I just came across it last night. Do you think taking pictures of daily food selections and blogging about a healthy, balanced lifestyle is a healthy creative outlet, or not? Perhaps there’s a fine line between appreciating our blessings through food and obsessing over it. But seriously, Marie Claire, do you think your weight-obsessed magazine/website is doing women any favors? I’m happy with where I stand. Grateful. Empowered. Joyful. Beautiful. 🙂

Have you all have a wonderful weekend! Stay tuned for pretty pictures from Lake Tahoe. 🙂


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