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What a gorgeous day in San Francisco. Velvet Husband and I started our morning with a walk to Peet’s Coffee for a little dose of caffeine. He had a white chocolate mocha, and I sipped on half of this bold iced coffee. I love our silly caffeine-fueled coffee shop chats.

I was so excited to make breakfast for two this morning! Brown sugar-sweetened oats with strawberries, bananas, coconut shavings, and a splash of milk for Velvet Husband, and chocolate peanut butter oats with blueberries, bananas, and coconut shavings for me. After weeks of flying solo, my breakfast was glad to socialize.

A few hours later, we headed over to the Ferry Building for a lunch/early dinner (linner?) at Gott’s Roadside. They don’t shy away from making a point here.

Okay, if you insist. I ATE a spicy chicken sandwich with dressings on the side so I could control the spiciness. I DRANK sparkling water with fresh lime.

I love the Ferry Building! We wandered into Sur La Table, where I picked up some cute culinary accoutrements. Velvet Husband is so patient with me and my browsing/shopping. šŸ™‚
Back at home, we watched The Road starring Viggo Mortensen, and I ate a peanut butter and banana snack with hidden glutamine.

I read Cormac McCarthy’sĀ The Road in 2007, but I had forgotten how powerful and terrifying the story is. If you read the book or watch the movie, just know that you’re in store for a depressing, albeit touching experience. There were a few tears in my eyes and oddly enough, it made me consider (for a few minutes anyway) a vegetarian, pescetarian, or (gasp) vegan lifestyle. Perfect timing after my steak dinner post, right? šŸ˜‰ I won’t go into why the The Road made me rethink society’s dietary norms, but feel free to ask questions if you’re curious.Ā Have you ever considered becoming vegan? If you’re vegan, how did you decide to give up eating animal products?

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