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Cheers to you, dear friends and family! Thank you so much for reading The Red Velvet Life over the past few formative weeks. It means so much to me that you take the time to drop by, read, and share your thoughts each day. Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway to thank you for your support!

And if the above picture isn’t a dead giveaway in and of itself, we’re still in Newport Coast spending time with my parents and exploring a few parts of Southern California. Breakfast yesterday was a comforting bowl of chocolate peanut butter banana oatmeal. And since I don’t have my pure cocoa powder on hand, I tried something different and used 1/4 scoop of Jillian Michaels Natural Whey Protein Powder that Velvet Husband found at the store. I couldn’t help but melt in Ghiradelli Midnight Reverie Dark Chocolate; 86% of crisp cocoa goodness! With the blueberries, oats, cocoa, and peanut butter, this breakfast tasted more like dessert, which is good for reasons I will address later. And if you look closely, you can see bits of devastated kale in my lunchtime smoothie pictured above. I never thought I’d say this, but I love kale. When I can’t taste it. And it’s shredded into unrecognizable bits. Disguised by chocolate. Yeah, I love kale.

We joined my parents for dinner at one of their favorite places, a country club that will go unnamed in Costa Mesa. Coat required, tie optional. Said club is a wedding venue-type place in Costa Mesa, and my golfer parents like the ambiance and special attention service. I settled on an avocado mango salad, the applewood smoked pork with sweet potato mash and vegetables, and a white chocolate lava cake for dessert. My entree was wonderful, the salad was refreshing, but I didn’t finish my dinner. You know why. My sweet tooth cannot be tamed. Three words: Room. For. Dessert.

This little ramekin of doughy goodness rivaled my entree as my favorite part of the meal. It’s a close call because the applewood smoked pork medallions were delicious, too.

My salad, entree, and doughy roll were delicious; the service was attentive and lovely; but I was completely disappointed in my dessert. This syrupy-spongy white cake was not at all what I expected; I barely touched it. Correction: I barely touched it after I selectively scooped out the chocolate lava. Yes, that happened. In front of Mommy and Daddy. {Yes, I call them Mommy and Daddy.} Anywho, The Husband wasn’t crazy about his brownie-strawberry-ice cream dessert selection either. My parents shared a Dutch apple pie, so perhaps with regard to dessert, parents really do know best? 😉 I’m sorry, but is this supposed to look appetizing?

Gross. Anyway, with our travel-laden schedule lately, it’s been a challenge to eat healthy and fit in workouts. Along the way, I’ve developed a few strategies for eating healthy while away from home. I’ll be sharing tips for healthy vacationing in a future post. Be sure to let me know some of your tips; I would love to hear from you!

What are your strategies for eating and staying healthy while vacationing?


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