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After a weekend of Easter indulgence, it felt good and detoxifying to start Monday on a lighter note with a bowl of whipped banana oatmeal a la KERF, with my own twists of water instead of milk, and few banana slices and a scoop of peanut butter on top. Hello, routine. I’ve missed you.

Next, Velvet Husband and I attended my beloved Body Pump class together! Yes, my schedule has been weird and travel-heavy lately, and I’m aware of my irritatingly vague allusions regarding said schedule. Stay tuned for more details in later posts, dear readers!

I forgot my camera, so I have no pictures of weights + gym this go-around. My muscles still ache two days later, so that’s proof enough for me that class was successful. However, on a slightly nonplussed note, I’d like to point out that not one but two women offered aggressive and unsolicited  advice to my husband during Body Pump class. For example, one woman who was very late to class (let’s call her “Tardy for the Party,” shall we?) performed most exercises incorrectly and unsafely, all while groaning in agony. Last I checked, this isn’t Wimbledon, and you’re no Monica, mkay? Tardy for the Party might as well have been [unsafely] lifting weights on her own. She wasn’t even doing Body Pump. Then, while my hardworking hubby pumped his way through the shoulder track, Tardy for the Party raced up to him, poked at his shoulder muscles, and barked incomprehensible commands at him. The Husband was not pleased, but being the gracious Southern gentleman he is, he brushed off the comments and focused on his workout. Good man.

After the drama Body Pump, I enjoyed [two glasses of] refreshing strawberry, banana, blueberry, kale, chocolate whey powder smoothie with a few scoops of peanut butter for healthy fat. Routine never tasted so good.

Velvet Husband and I headed to the airport and flew to Orange County, which is where we’re staying through the end of the week. Before hopping on our flight, we each enjoyed yummy Schlotzsky’s sandwiches. I didn’t quite finish my veggie sandwich, but only because I was saving a little room for a famous little Texas treat, a Lammes Candies’ Longhorn. On our short layover in Phoenix, I enjoyed a hot vanilla rooibos tea from Starbucks. Upon arrival in Orange County, my parents were not disappointed when we came bearing extra Lammes candies.

After a hard day at the gym, Velvet Husband found respite in his Texas praline treats. More from the OC later!

Do you think Tardy for the Party was off base, do you think she was just trying to be helpful, or something in between?


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The weather in San Francisco is still gorgeous, and Velvet Husband and I spent a lot of time together yesterday! Such a change from how crazy the past few months have been! For breakfast, I made a bowl of strawberry shortcake oatmeal fit for Miss Strawberry Shortcake herself! I crushed about ten Newman’s Own alphabet grahams (because I’m 10) and added them to the almost-cooked oatmeal on the stove. The crushed graham crackers tasted wonderful with the natural sweetness of the strawberries and bananas. Velvet Husband was too hungry for a photo shoot, but his oatmeal add-ins included whipped bananas, brown sugar, walnuts, and strawberries. He didn’t even notice the chia seeds, so my sneakiness paid off. Nothing R-rated here, just Red Velvet splendor!

Creatures of habit that we are, we walked to our local Peet’s Coffee for a little refreshment. I enjoyed an unsweetened black tea and conversation with a sweetened Velvet Husband.

For lunch, I made a delicious strawberry banana spinach smoothie with dark chocolate whey powder, glutamine, TCHO cocoa nibs and some sinking peanut butter. Good eggs sink, bad eggs float. This was a good peanut butter egg. Ooh, that just made me think of Cadbury peanut butter eggs! What’s your favorite Easter candy? More importantly, when can you send me some? 😉

We got twenty of these festive plastic margarita cups in all different colors as a wedding gift from a friend of mine. She was so cute and spot-on to get us margarita glasses and margarita mix because we used to drink margs together after work at Baby Acapulco in Austin, also known as Baby A’s.

There’s a two margarita limit on the world famous Baby A’s purple margarita, so arrange for a designated driver if you plan on partaking. Come to think of it, my smoothie yesterday kinda resembled the infamous purple marg! Good thing I stopped at two. 😉

After my purple margarita nutritious smoothie, Velvet Husband joined me in the evening for a strength & sculpt class. Obviously, I was feeling super ambitious with my weights. Ha! Even though I got a good burn yesterday, the lame music and general lack of enthusiasm in the class made me miss Body Pump. 😦 They don’t have Body Pump at our gym, so this class will have to suffice. There was a sub for the regular much-loved teacher, and whew…she had a tough crowd! I would have preferred the normal teacher, but I sympathized with the sub because people just weren’t receptive to her style. Velvet Husband and I tried to go along with her, but there weren’t too many other happy faces in the room yesterday!

For dinner I made pan-seared salmon and oven-roasted asparagus with garlic. I topped the salmon with avocado-mango salsa with cilantro. Velvet Husband and I were both very pleased with dinner.

Hope you’re having a great day!

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